Welcome to our project page for the implementation of „green lungs“ along the Zdib spine road. Our goal is to create a system of greenery – trees and shrubs to the maximum extent possible, extending into sections along Průběná Street and its immediate surroundings.


Due to the limited opportunities for tree planting in this area, the existence of utilities and the need to maintain sight lines and ensure road safety, we are focusing mainly on shrub planting.


We are planting trees in the open areas. In some sub-locations immediately adjacent to Průběžná Street, we have proposed comprehensive planting, including, for example, the community centre or parts of adjacent streets such as Prostřední, U Cihelny, Topolová and J. Kámena.


Plantings along Průběžná Street are designed in accordance with the blue-green infrastructure.


What does this mean?


The project is not only about the use of green measures, i.e. appropriate planting, improving air quality. At the same time, we are looking at blue measures or water management in the urban landscape. In our case, we are trying to promote on-site water seepage on Průběžná Street.


The original shrub beds lined with grassland were planted in very compacted soil that prevented the plants from growing well and was unable to absorb rainfall sufficiently.


Therefore, we use new planting techniques and technologies in our planting, where the planting substrate is enriched with 50% spiked gravel. The gravel prevents compaction and creates air pockets in the substrate, which create the conditions for the development of the plant root system and sufficient retention space for rainwater. Water is thus retained longer and better at the point of impact and can be better managed by the plants. For us, this means saving time and money by not having to water the greenery as often. The substrate is specially formulated so that the plants do not get waterlogged.


By replacing the grass areas along the road with more resilient low shrub planting, we are taking another step towards creating maintenance-free, eye-pleasing areas.


The planting of „green lungs“ in Průběžná Street has several important functions:

  • Improving air quality in and around the street area.
  • Water retention in the residential landscape.
  • Improving the microclimate throughout the area.r
  • Improving the aesthetic appearance of the area to make it more attractive to residents and visitors.
  • Improving the user experience, which will contribute to the overall quality of life in the area.
  • Provision of habitat for small animals, promoting biodiversity in the village.


We believe that this project measure achieves positive results for the environment and for all of us. The green spaces in Průběžná Street represent a long-term and sustainable benefit not only for us but also for future generations.

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